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Recipe of Nanaimo Bar Cupcakes Super Fast

The Recipe For Making Nanaimo Bar Cupcakes.

Nanaimo Bar Cupcakes You can make Nanaimo Bar Cupcakes using 11 ingredients in 8 quick steps. The following is an easy way to make it.

Ingredients Required To Make Nanaimo Bar Cupcakes

  1. Mix 1 box of Chocolate cake mix with ingredients needed to prepare.
  2. Fill 3/4 cup of Sweetened shredded coconut (or add a little more or less according to your preference).
  3. Mix of Filling.
  4. Mix 1/2 cup of Butter.
  5. Fill 4 cup of Icing sugar.
  6. Prepare 6 tbsp of Milk.
  7. Mix 4 tbsp of Vanilla pudding mix or custard powder.
  8. Prepare 1 tsp of Vanilla (optional).
  9. Prepare of Topping.
  10. Insert 3/4 cup of Semi-sweet chocolate chips or as needed.
  11. Mix 1 tsp of Butter.

Step By Step To Make Nanaimo Bar Cupcakes

  1. Prepare cake mix as directed on package, adding shredded coconut to batter..
  2. Pour batter into prepared cupcake pans. Bake as directed on the cake mix package..
  3. Cool cupcakes on wire rack..
  4. In a large bowl, beat butter until smooth. Stir in custard powder and milk..
  5. Beat in icing sugar and vanilla until smooth..
  6. Once cupcakes are COMPLETELY cooled, fill with filling by inserting a piping bag containing the filling and fitted with a small round tip into the centre of cupcake and squeezing bag while slowly pulling out. Repeat with the remaining cupcakes..
  7. Cover filled cupcakes and store in a cold place to allow the filling to firm up. Meanwhile, melt chocolate chips and butter over a double boiler or in the microwave..
  8. Dip tops of cooled cupcakes into melted chocolate so the tops are covered. Cover and allow chocolate to set. ENJOY!!!.

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